Invisible Self Documentary


Invisible Self Documentary

geo geller and

conversation between Howard Bloom and geo geller also for “Celebration of the Odd” – Pondering the Imponderable with Howard Bloom – a day in the many lives of Howard Bloom – a 24 hour documentary

david invisible self/invisible man
also for and

Playlist of all the videos for the Invisible Self documentary

Invisible Self

Invisible Self
The Conscious, Verbal self is the tip of the iceberg,
the Non-Verbal, Unconscious, Emotional, Creative, Spiritual, InvisibleSelf
is everything else below the water
in conversation with

Howard Bloom, David Waldorf
and others
about, mental illness, schizophrenia, OCD, god, religion, imagination, spirit, depression, death & dying,
science, chronic fatigue syndrome, music, art and the InvisibleSelf and beyond
a work in progress experiential, experimental, Non-linear Non-Story Documentary
a film produced/directed/edited/cinematography by geo geller

ver 4/9/2014

Howard Bloom

On Love and How Dogs Trained Human

PlayList of all the unedited videos so far included in the InvisibleSelf
direct youtube playlist link

David on the InvisibleSelf Excerpted from Madness And God work in progress documentary

Babble – in search of empathy

OCD – Prisoner in Your Own Body, Battle Within and Without by geo geller – conversation with Jason Figueria about his relationship to OCD
click here to go to youtube playlist link if video doesn’t load but first try reloading

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