the invisible symphony is among other things is also my attempt to articulate the the bean bag theory of cosmos, my unified theory of everything and nothing and like the bean bag which is represented here by the blue color of the sky it is fluid and goes with the flow expanding and contracting at the same time – it is invisible because mans mind is always in heat seeking pattern seeking missile mode – if s/he can’t see a pattern that fits into some artificial construction of a finite universe, his belief system, idol worshiping his/her own mind – the bean bag cosmos is every changing – it knows boundaries and for that very reason it eludes us – today’s science fiction is tomorrows science

the little stars are bouncing around if you click on anywhere in the blue it creates another big bang solar system within the bean bag cosmos and as in life and in the cosmos in general the bigger get bigger and the smaller get absorbed in to that larger solar system and becomes magnetize by the motion of the particles revolving around and around it creating a vortex a worm hole a sink hole like circling the drain it eats smaller solar systems as it builds up like the bee hive when it gets too big it explodes out by leaving the nest but still the bean bag absorbs like the water what ever it is in its way – food for thought

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